The Haunted Annabelle doll, a normal-looking doll that has haunted every child’s dream, there are several stories surrounding the haunting of the doll and how it is not just a doll, but more than a doll, a doll possessed by a little girl, who at first wanted to play with other children but later just enjoys terrifying them to their souls.

Annabelle doll
Annabelle doll

There are stories behind those who don’t believe in the doll. When the doll was placed in the museum, one museum-goer ignored the warnings and taunted the doll, and as a result, he never made it home; he died in a motorcycle accident shortly after leaving the museum.

Annabelle sits in a glass case bearing a hand-carved inscription of the Lord’s Prayer while a pleasant smile rests on her happy face sitting under a mop of red hair. But beneath the case is a sign that reads: “Warning, positively do not open.”

The movie Annabelle does not depict the true story; in the film, the doll is owned by a young couple and given to the woman for her doll collection; as her due date approaches, a pair of Satanic cultists break-in, stab the pregnant woman in the belly, and die in their home. Annabelle Higgins is one of the cultists, and her blood is found on the doll. That’s when the doll starts acting hysterically frightening.

But how much of Annabelle’s tale is true? Is the real Annabelle doll a vessel for a demonic spirit looking for a human host, or is she just a child’s toy used as a prop for wildly profitable ghost stories?

Annabelle’s origin

Annabelle’s story began in 1970 when a 28-year-old nurse Donna received the Raggedy Ann doll as a birthday gift from her mother. Donna was thrilled with the gift and brought it back to her apartment that she shared with another young nurse, named Angie.

Annabelle doll

The doll appeared to be just like any other doll at first, sitting on a sofa in the living room and greeting visitors with her brightly colored face. However, the girls soon began to notice strange activities with the doll. Donna once put the doll on her bed and returned to find it had moved. It kept happening on a regular basis, with the doll sitting with one leg crossed or lying on its side.

Soon after, the girl and her roommate discovered papers on the floor with written messages such as “Help me, Help us.” As if that wasn’t frightening enough, the doll began to change positions even when the rooms were closed, and at one point appeared to be leaking blood.

The girls thought an intruder was messing with them and that someone was behind the doll changing positions and the help me notes, but no one was there except the girls and the doll.

Then, one day, Angie’s boyfriend, Lou, was napping and awoke to find the doll staring at him as if he were being strangled. His upper body was riddled with deep scratch wounds. Surprisingly, the scratch marks vanished without a trace two days later.

With the possibility of an intruder ruled out, the girls contacted a medium and held a seance, where they were introduced to the spirit of Annabelle Higgins, a young girl who lived on the property before the apartments were built and died there at the age of seven.

The medium was told by Annabelle’s spirit that she felt at ease with the two roommates in the apartment and wanted to “stay with them and be loved,” and this is where the trouble began: the girls gave Annabelle “permission to inhabit the doll.”

The medium then contacted the Warrens, Ed, and Lorraine Warren, who immediately recognized signs of demonic possession, such as materialization (paper notes), teleportation, and the scratch mark on Lou’s chest.

Warrens ordered an exorcism of the apartment and removed Annabelle to a safe location in the hopes that her demonic reign would be ended.

Even the Warrens weren’t safe from Annabelle

After Annabelle was removed from Donna and Angie’s apartment, the Warrens had paranormal encounters with her, the first of which occurred just minutes after they took possession of her.

Annabelle with Lorraine Warren

Annabelle was buckled into the backseat of their car, and the Warrens began driving, vowing not to take the highway in case Annabelle had an accident and gained control of them and the vehicle. Lorraine documented several instances where the brakes stalled or failed, resulting in near-disastrous crashes.

The Warrens brought the doll in for research, claiming that it levitated and moved around the house. They later claimed that she would also appear inside the house. Finally, the Warrens decided to permanently imprison Annabelle.

They had a custom-made glass and wood case made for the doll, and they inscribed the Lord’s and Saint Michael’s prayers on it. Ed would say a binding prayer over the case for the rest of his life, ensuring that the sinister spirit — and the doll — remained good and trapped.

Annabelle the doll hasn’t moved since she was imprisoned, though her spirit is said to have found ways to reach out to the earthly plane.

A priest visiting Warren’s museum once picked up Annabelle and dismissed her demonic abilities. Ed cautioned the priest against making fun of Annabelle’s demonic power, but the young priest laughed him off. On his way home, the priest was in a near-fatal car accident that totaled his new car. He claimed to have seen Annabelle in his rearview mirror just before the accident.

The Warrens continued to tell these stories as proof of Annabelle the doll’s horrific powers over the years, despite the fact that none of them could be verified.

Where is Annabelle now?

Even though Ed and Lorraine Warren are no longer alive, their legacy lives on through their daughter Judy and her husband Tony Spera. Ed Warren considered Spera his demonology protege and entrusted him with carrying on his work, which included caring for his occult artifacts, until his death in 2006.

The Annabelle doll and her protective case are among those artifacts. Spera warns visitors to the Warrens’ Occult Museum about Annabelle’s abilities, echoing the warnings of his predecessors.

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