29-year-old Patti Adkins had planned a week of vacation with her boyfriend, but no one heard from her after she left; her boyfriend has denied going on any trip with Patti and claims she was only a friend.

Patti Adkins disappeared off the face of the earth without leaving any concrete clues whatsoever. There are tracks and time stamps and witnesses who last saw her but after that NOTHING. Here are some questions that anyone would be interested in knowing the concrete answers to after reading this bizarre story of the disappearance of a woman, who was also the mother of a 7-year-old. 

Who was Patti Adkins, and what happened to her?

Patti Adkins, 29 who had been working for ten years at a Honda factory in Marysville. She worked as a Supervisor on the Assembly line at the time of her disappearance. She also had a 7-year-old daughter at the time.

Patti adkins

It was the first week of July and due to shut down week’ at the plant, all the employees had a week of vacation. According to Patti’s family, she planned on taking the vacation time off with her supposed boyfriend, Brian Flowers. 

Her family knew about the boyfriend, but the only worry they had about this was that Brian Flowers was already married. As per Patti, he was soon going to take a divorce from her wife. Brian flowers also worked in the Honda factory, but in a different part, and they had been involved with each other for over a year now. 

She clocked out as usual on her last day at work before the vacation started, went with her boyfriend, and never returned when she was supposed to be back to pick up her daughter. 

Patti Adkins’ disappearance

Patti Adkins planned on going to Canada with her boyfriend, Brian Flowers for the vacation week. She had an arrangement with her ex and her sister who were going to take care of her seven-year-old daughter while she was on vacation. 

As per the message, Patti left on her sister Marcia’s phone, she had planned on making sure that her daughter would spend the vacation time between Patti’s ex’s and Marcia’s home. Patti said she was going to pick up her daughter on the 8th of July. She let Marcia know that there could be a lack of cell service, but she’d try to remain in touch when possible. 

As per the records and from what Marcia told the police, Patti left work at midnight. She planned on starting her journey in the back of her boyfriend’s truck and under the cover he’s brought for the trip. He didn’t want her to be seen by any of the colleagues or friends at the factory. Brian asked Patti to not bring any luggage and promised her that he will buy her new clothes when they reached their destination. 

The week came and went and no one heard from Patti, because that’s what they expected. But then, Sunday came, when she was supposed to pick up her daughter, and still there was no word from Patti. Marcia, Patti’s sister, got worried and tried calling her with no answer. She then called Patti’s boyfriend and later found out that he was back. When she talked to him, she was stunned to hear that he didn’t know what she was talking about and that he only knew Patti as a colleague. 

After hearing the boyfriend deny completely the trip her sister was supposed to be on, Marcia decided to take this straight to the police. 

Police questioned the boyfriend, Brian Flowers, who straight out again denied knowing anything about the trip. His wife also confirmed that there was no way possible that her husband was having an affair. 

When police searched Brian’s house, they found a birthday card which was signed by only Patti, but he said it was a card from his colleagues. They also found a phone in his house. When questioned about it, he denied that it was from Patti, but Marcia told police that Patti had bought it for Brian. They also found a t-shirt, that according to Marcia, Patti had bought for Brian on their trip together to Florida. 

Her boyfriend is the prime suspect in her disappearance

Although the police had evidence that Patti in fact was in contact with Brian, there was also the statement of his wife who claimed that he was home at 2:30 am after a brief stop at Burger King with his friends. 

Apart from the physical evidence, Marcia also told the police that Patti had been giving money to her boyfriend. As per Marcia, Patti had loaned Brian Flowers about $90,000 under a duration of nearly over a year. 

Marcia also told the police that the boyfriend wanted to buy out his share of the side company he owned, and it was all because he wanted their relationship to move forward. Patti sold her stocks, withdrew money from her 401k coverage benefit, cashed in the second mortgage of her home. 

Patti had loaned all the money to her boyfriend in cash, and thus it couldn’t be traced back to him. But with money involved and all the physical evidence, the prime suspect was, naturally, Brian flowers, Patti’s boyfriend. 

When the police searched Brian’s truck and his home, they found some forensic evidence, like a small spot of blood on the truck cover and a Patti’s cat’s hair. But the evidence was so small, that it wasn’t solid enough for a case back in 2001. 

So, although the police had a prime suspect, they didn’t have enough evidence to issue a warrant for Brian Flowers. Because of the lack of sufficient evidence, it became a cold case and ultimately Patti Adkins was pronounced dead by the court. 

Updates on Patti Adkins’ case?

Since Patti has been pronounced dead by the law, there hasn’t been any update on her to date. Her family hasn’t been able to grieve her properly, because they still refuse to believe what happened to her. 

Patti Adkins daughter
Patti Adkins’ daughter

There are many unanswered questions, which leaves one wondering if there is anything more the police could have done to find the culprit and bring justice to Patti Akins and her family. 

Simple questions, such as why the initial construction site was not searched when the dogs discovered a scent on the cement, go unanswered. More difficult questions, such as what happened to Patti’s $90,000 if it wasn’t deposited into a bank account. Most importantly, we’re left wondering, who was the boyfriend? Police have refused to mention his name in any interviews, but this may be the piece of information needed to solve the case 20 years later.

Patti Adkins’ body has never been found, and no one has been arrested for her untimely death. Her boyfriend remains the prime suspect, but due to a lack of solid evidence, he is still free. Patti Adkins’ case is classified as “cold but active.” Her daughter is now 27-years-old and still has no idea what happened to her mother.

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