Although most of his kills were personal, Pedro can be considered a real-life Dexter Morgan, he once killed a rapist in a police car, even though he was handcuffed. He was described by one analyst as the “perfect psychopath.”

Pedro Rodrigues Filho

Serial Killer Pedro Rodrigues Filho killed over 70 people, but most of his killing came after he was inside the prison cell, 47 of his victims were murdered inside the prison in which he was imprisoned.

Pedro first killed at the age of 14

Pedro’s killing urges came early in his life, at the age of 13 he said he wanted to kill after getting in a fight with his older cousin. He pushed his cousin into a sugar cane press, almost killing him. His killing urge didn’t have to wait for much longer though.

Pedro Rodrigues Filho

At the age of 14, Pedro Rodrigues killed the deputy mayor of Santa Rita So Sapucai by shooting him with a shotgun, which belonged to his grandfather. Pedro shot the deputy mayor in front of the city hall for having his father fired.

Pedro’s father was accused of stealing food from the school kitchen, his father was a school guard. Pedro was confident that his father didn’t steal the food, and after killing the deputy mayor he killed a security guard, who was a suspect of being the actual thief.

Pedro first killed because of his father, and later he even killed his father.

After killing 2 men he fled to the area of Mogi das Cruzes in São Paulo, Brazil. But he didn’t stay hidden or underground, once there, he killed a drug dealer and participated in some burglaries as well.

Pedro Rodrigues Wife

Even between the killings and the burglaries, Pedro managed to find love, he fell in love with a woman named Maria Aparecida Olympia. Pedro and Maria lived together peacefully until one-day his pregnant wife Maira was killed by some gang members.

Pedro’s wife’s death spurred his next crime spree, he tracked his wife’s killers, tortured them, and then killed them. Pedro then started to hunt for their leader – the gang leader who had been betrayed by his ex-wife received a visit for Rodrigues and four of his friend during a weding party.

When Pedro and his friends left the site they left behind seven dead bodies and sixteen wounded people.

Pedro Rodrigues Filho killed his father

Turned out Pedro had a rough upbringing, he was born on June 17, 195 in Brazil, with an injured skull, as a courtesy of his father, because his father used to beat his mother even while she was pregnant.

Pedro had become a perfect psychopath, he wanted things his way, and there was no other solution for him except killing. Pedro was still in Mogi at the time, and his father had killed his mother with 21 machete blows.

Pedro was set for revenge, his father was doing time in a local prison. Pedro visited his father in prison, where he killed him by stabbing him 22 times. This time, he took things to a different level, after stabbing his father 22 times he proceeded to cut out his father’s heart before chewing on it.

Pedro Rodrigues was arrested for the first time on 24 May 1973. He was placed in a police car handcuffed with two other criminals, including a rapist. When the police opened the back door, they found that Pedro Rodrigues who was handcuffed had killed the rapist. He took the responsibility for the crime and justified himself by saying that the man was a rapist and deserved to die.

Pedro Rodrigues Filho

Pedro was described according to psychiatrists, as a psychopath, someone with no remorse and no compassion for others. However, psychopaths do not develop affection, but Pedro fell in love with his girlfriend. He also showed affection towards his mother. Psychiatrists who analyzed him in 1982, wrote that the greatest motivation of his life was “the violent affirmation of oneself” and they diagnosed him as a “paranoid and antisocial” character.

Pedro Rodrigues Filho was initially sentenced to 128 years in prison, but the crime he committed while he was in jail increased his sentence to 400 years. However, Brazilian law prohibits anyone from spending more than 30 years in prison.

Pedro was to be released in 2003, but he spent an additional four years for the murders he carried in the prison. After staying in prison for most of his adult life, Pedro was released on 24 April 2007. He was arrested again at his house on September 15, 2011, and was convicted of riot and false imprisonment.

Pedro Rodrigues Filho YouTube Channel

After spending most of his adulthood in prison, Pedro Rodrigues Filho now has a YouTube channel where he tells about the crimes he committed.

Pedro Rodrigues Filho youtube channel

His channel has over 150K subscribers and over 8.5 million views. To make a YouTube channel wasn’t originally one of his plans, the idea came from his 31-year-old friend Pablo Silva, who also produces videos.

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